Dutch Classics 3 NS 1200

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In the add on Dutch Classics 3 we present the virtual version of one of the most characteristic types of engines from the Dutch Railways in the second half of the twentieth century: the engine series 1200. This engine type was in service with the Dutch Railways between 1952 and 1998. From 1999 till 2009 the engine was in service for the freight company ACTS Nederland; since 2010 the engine has been in use at the EETC railway company.

Dutch Classics 3 has been updated to version 2; a number of features and two new engine versions have been added. The virtual version of the engine has been recreated, based on many pictures and drawings. The extensive instruction manual that is included with the 1200 gives you a lot of information about how to operate the engine; with the scenarios that are also included you can get started quickly after installation. A number of consists enables you to play quickdrive scenarios with the 1200 engines and to use the engine in your own scenarios. You can order Dutch Classics 3 as digital download version or as DVD version.

Engine types included:

  • NS 1200 turquois, with and without jubilee plate because of its 50 years existence

  • NS 1200 brown, meant for freight trains

  • NS 1200 Berlin blue with yellow ´wing´ on the front of the engine

  • NS 1200 Berlin blue with yellow ´wing´ and modern NS logo

  • Two NS 1200 Grey/yellow modernized edition

  • Two ACTS editions of the 1200 engine

  • EETC edition

  • For every engine type, a simple mode and expert mode engine is available


  • Realistic 3D model with much attention for detail, created after many pictures and drawings, with high quality textures so that the engine still looks good when you watch it from close distance or in high resolution

  • Realistic cabview, created after the original cabin

  • Almost all switches, buttons and lights in the cabin are functional

  • Simple mode edition for easy operation with standard Train Simulator functions

  • Expert mode edition for realistic operation as a real virtual engine driver

  • Extensive brake functions in expert mode

  • Many animations bring the 3D model to life

  • Advanced double regulator operation in expert mode with operation of main and weakfield regulator

  • Sliding cabin windows

  • Cabin doors can be opened

  • Main panel gauges can be lit during nighttime

  • Keyboard commands for a number of features have been added

  • For versions of Dutch Classics' passenger coaches in Dutch Classics 7 and Dutch Classics 9, interior light and door operation is supported by keyboard commands from the engine

  • Cabin and panel lights for service preparation during night time

  • Quickdrive consist so that you can select a route and start immediately; you can also use the consists in your own scenarios. Consists as standalone engine and as engine in combination with other types of rolling stock are included; for the option of driving a complete Dutch train, consists for the 1200 in combination with the passenger coaches from Dutch Classics Megapack 1 are included

  • Extensive scripting controls the functions of the engines

  • Free roaming and standard scenarios for the TestTrak-route and the Seebergbahn-route

  • Extensive instruction manual in English language in .pdf format