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In which Train Simulator can I install the add ons?

The add ons have been created for Train Simulator 20XX from Dovetail Games. They are not compatible with Trainz, Microsoft Train Simulator or other Train Simulator software. We are an independent developer for Train Simulator and have no ties whatsoever with Dovetail Games.

What are the system requirements?

There are no specific system requirements. Your computer should be able to run Train Simulator with reasonable performance. A rule of thumb: On a computer with Windows 10 with a minimum of 8 GB internal RAM, a graphics card with 4 GB on board memory and a solid state drive you should be able to achieve good performance. In case you run Train Simulator on a laptop, integrated graphics cards such as the Intel HD graphics with share memory are not suitable and will result in poor performance.

It is advisable to run 64 bit Windows in order to be able to make full use of the RAM of your pc. With the 32 bits version of Train Simulator you are limited to 4 GB RAM use, no matter how much RAM is installed in your pc. Most add ons require 64 bit Train Simulator nowadays.

How do I install the add ons?

The add ons are delivered as an executable that you can run. It will find the correct installation location by itself in 99 percent of the cases.

For which routes are scenario's developed?

The scenarios are usually created for the Ruhr-Sieg route, Test Trak and the Seebergbahn route. Consists for quickdrive are also included.

Why are there no scenario's for Dutch freeware routes?

Although a number of freeware routes are of excellent quality, there is no guarantee that the route builder does not change the route layout in subsequent versions of the route. If the layout of a route has been changed, it is likely that scenario's for the older version of the route stop working. We want to prevent disappointments because of this and only develop scenarios for routes that are not likely to change the layout.


I installed the add on, but I do not see the trains in Train Simulator. What now?

In most cases, this issue is referred to by people who do not own the routes that scenario's for the add ons are created for. Still you should be able to see and select the trains if you create your own scenarios. You should also be able to create your own quickdrive consists. if this is not possible, please check the Train Simulator subfolder '\assets'. If you do not see a folder with the name 'Dutch Classics' under this folder, something has gone wrong during installation.

This article was updated on 29 March 2021