I lost my add ons!

In case you lose the add ons for whatever reasons, you can contact us. Our policy is that we will re-deliver your add ons for a limited number of times. We were forced to limit the re-delivery of your add ons because of experiences in the past. You may request re-delivery of your add ons twice.

Serial number lost

The installation of the add ons is protected with a serial number. You receive a personal serial number for every add on that you order with us. In case you lose your serial number, you can contact us and we are happy to assist you. On the internet, it is hard to verify someone's identity, given the security incidents that we saw around us. We assume that your request is rightful. However, in case we suspect abuse of the software or abuse of serial numbers, we withhold the right to refuse your request.

Serial number issues

You install the Dutch Classics add ons on your new computer but you receive an error message during installation. This scenario is possible because of the fact that the serial numbers have been configured to enable a limited number of installations per serial number. During installation the serial number is checked and registered online. After approximately five installations, an error message will be generated for the serial number. Under normal circumstances you should be able to use the add ons for many years. The limitation is built in to prevent abuse of the software. You can request a reset of the serial number count with us. However, if we suspect abuse of the serial number, we may decide to refuse the request.