Dutch Classics 4 NS 1300

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In this add on you find the 1300 engine series of the Dutch Railways. The 1300 could be seen as the big brother of the 1100 engine from Dutch Classics 5; both engine series were based on a similar French design, but the 1300 is much larger. The 1300 was not the most extensive engine series, but it was the most powerful electric engine of the Dutch Railways in its time. From the start of the fifties of the last century until the end of the twentieth century the engine could be seen in front of heavy passenger trains and heavy freight trains in domestic traffic and also as far as the German railway stations of Bad Bentheim and Emmerich where the Dutch overhead wire voltage was used. After retreat from active service the engine could be seen in front of museum trains and sporadically in other roles on the Dutch railway network.

The 1300 for Train Simulator has been rebuilt on the basis of many pictures and drawings, both the outside and inside have been modelled in high detail. The development of this engine add on for Train Simulator was based on many hours of research.

Engine types included:

  • NS 1300 turqois (several editions)

  • NS 1300 Berlin blue (several sub versions, with classic pantograph and faveley pantograph)

  • NS 1300 Yellow-grey color scheme (several sub versions, with classic pantograph and faveley pantograph)

  • NS 1300 Yellow color scheme, modernized version, with large NS-logo on the side (several sub versions, with classic pantograph and faveley pantograph)

  • Each engine type is included as a simple mode engine and as an expert mode engine


  • Realistic 3D model with high quality textures, so that the engine realism is still ensured when viewed from close distance and in high resolution.

  • Original rebuilt cabin, based on drawings and pictures

  • Almost all switches, buttons and lights in the cabin are operational

  • Sound effects included that are derived from the real engine

  • Simple mode edtion for easy operation like a model train with the standard Train Simulator functionality

  • Expert mode edition for realistic operation of the engine, almost like a real engine driver. This mode of operation makes you feel more as if you are operating a real train engine

  • Extensive scripting to support the advanced functions of the engine

  • Double regulator in the cabin for standard operation and operation with a so called weakfield controller; auxiliary regulator on the left of the cabin, just like in the real engine

  • A number of standard and free roaming scenarios is included for the Seebergbahn and TestTrak routes

  • Quickdrive consists available, for consists as standalone engine and for trains in combination with other rolling stock. Consists available in combination with the passenger coaches from Dutch Classics Megapack 1, so that you can drive with complete Dutch trains in your scenarios; you can also use the consists in your own scenarios

  • Extensive handbook (50 pages) in pdf format, English language, so that you can get started with enough instructions for the operation of the engine

  • Many animations of doors, windows and other items bring the 3D model to life